“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.” — 2 Peter 1:2

Peter, here writing his second letter,  indicates that grace and peace – those two most precious of gifts – are ours… But where do we find them in a greater measure? In a measure that is multiplied. We find this in the knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord. As we know God we gain these essential foundations for salvation and living.

In the next verse, Peter speaks of the knowledge of Him being where we obtain this incredible divine power from the Lord. Through the knowledge of Him: We come to the knowledge of Him as we learn of Him through His Word, through prayer, and through the community of God’s people. It is true that we need God alone, but God does not meet us only in our solitude but also in the community of His people.

You see, even when we talk about knowing God we must do so as acknowledging His presence as seen in this following story: “When Scottish theologian John Baillie taught at Edinburgh University, he made it a practice to open his course on the doctrine of God with these words: “We must remember, in discussing God, that we cannot talk about Him without His hearing every word we say. We may be able to talk about others behind their backs, but God is everywhere, yes, even in this classroom. Therefore, in all our discussions we must be aware of His infinite presence, and talk about Him, as it were, before His face.”

By His Spirit,
Pastor Bill