This past Sunday we took some time to examine the reality that “The Return Of The King /Prophecy Update 2017-2018.” (message link to listen 2-2-peter)

Now, Jesus Himself made clear that no man knows the day nor the hour of His return but in Matthew 24 Jesus gives us a list of sign after sign and then says in: 8 “All these are the beginning of birth pangs(contractions).” Surely, the simple observer can see the contractions happening in our world today and should realize that the Lord’s return is soon at hand.

Are you living like Jesus can return at any moment? Does His return excite you? In light of His return, we should be living soberly and vigilantly in the present world and a practical word to define that is with CHARACTER.

C.S.Lewis talking about character said, “Surely what a man does when he is taken off his guard is the best evidence for what sort of man he is. If there are rats in a cellar, you are most likely to see them if you go in very suddenly. But the suddenness does not create the rats; it only prevents them from hiding. In the same way, the suddenness of the provocation does not make me ill-tempered; it only shows me what an ill-tempered man I am.” You see, One can acquire everything in solitude — except character. Talent can be formed in stillness, but character is forged in the world’s torrents.

“A number of years ago the Douglas Aircraft company was competing with Boeing to sell Eastern Airlines its first big jets. War hero Eddie Rickenbacker, the head of Eastern Airlines, reportedly told Donald Douglas that the specifications and claims made by Douglas’s company for the DC-8 were close to Boeing’s on everything except noise suppression. Rickenbacker then gave Douglas one last chance to out-promise Boeing on this feature. After consulting with his engineers, Douglas reported that he didn’t feel he could make that promise. Rickenbacker replied, “I know you can’t, I just wanted to see if you were still honest.” Today in the Word

In light of Jesus’ any minute return live like you’re ready… with CHARACTER. In Jesus name.

By His Spirit,
Pastor Bill